1) Trained 2, 01,222 people in Soap Making

2)Trained 15,198 people in Food Processing

3) Trained 5299 people in Jack Fruit Products Making

4) Trained 5137 people in Umbrella Making

5) Trained 5148 people in Candle and Agarbathi Making

6) Trained 2267 people in Consumer Products Making

7) Trained 10,337 people in Paper Bag Making

8) Trained 10,127 people in Artificial Ornaments Making

9) Trained 712 people in Water Conservation Activities

10) Trained 40 persons in Ferro Cement Tank Construction

11) Trained 309 persons in Direct Marketing

12) Trained 203 persons in Glass Painting and Fabric Painting

13) Trained 243 persons in Zero Budget Farming

14) Trained 228 persons in Cake Making.


Wide Range of Products

More than 300 products are developed so far starting from soap items to special tonic and medicinal items.The products include all soap items,liquid soap items, all squash items,jam items, jelly items, halwa and cake items, varatty and peda items,all pickle items, all powder items,all masala and spicy items,all snacks and chips items,all umbrella items,almost all consumer items,ayurvedic powders and medicinal tonic items,all jackfruit products,all nutmeg products, all the bilimbi products and the like.The focus is not to duplicate the products available in the market but to concentrate on indigenous items.Special attention is given to develop value added products from the locally available resources.None of the products are manufactured by the Gandhi Centre and the Centre’s role is coordination and supervision.It concentrates on giving professional training,providing raw material support,packing support,labeling support,product pricing,quality checking and marketing support. It helps to eliminate exploitation in the three stages of production, ie. manufacturing stage in the form of wages, marketing stage in the form of sales commission  and capital investment stage in the form of profit margin.



54th Swadeshi Festival(21 Days)
Dates: 6 - 26 July 2018

Venue : YMCA Hall,Behind Secretariat,Trivandrum

July   6,7,8                :  Soap Making
July 9,10                  : Consumer Products
July 11,12                  : Paper Bag
July 13,14,15          :  Cake Making
July 16,17,18           : Food Processing
July 19,20                : Umbrella Making
July 21,22,23,24      : Jackfruit Products Making
July 25,26                : Eco Farming
Training Material Cost per Course Rs.200
Timing 10 - 5pm
For Details:94471 54338 & 94959 54338