Swadeshi Soap Making Training Programme

Swadeshi Soap is identified as the symbol of Swadeshi movement by the GCRD Trust as it is an inevitable essential commodity. Moreover technology is simple and acceptable. The handmade soaps popularised by GCRD is 100% natural, 100% vegetarian, 100% coconut Oil used, 100% glycerin retained, non-allergic and skin friendly.

Since soap making and marketing are technical in nature, GCRD is conducting regular three day training programme throughout the State targeting rural man for ensuring the quality of soap and equip them to market the products effectively. The target group include Self-Help Group (SHG), Kudumbashree Units, Neighborhood Groups, Women's Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations etc. In Thiruvananthapuram district, where 'Gandhi Darshan' programme is being organised in all the schools by the Kerala State Gandhi Darshan Samiti, the GCRD is providing all technical and infrastructure support by providing raw materials for the production of soap items and associating themselves with the training programmes aiming to inculcate the concept of Swadeshi Self-Reliance and savings attitude among students.

Training programme is designed to give technical competence in the theoretical and practical aspects of soap making and marketing of soap and allied products. These items include (1) Swadeshi Toilet Soaps (10 items) (2) Swadeshi Washing Soap (3) Swadeshi Detergent Powder - High and Medium quality (4) Swadeshi Dish Wash Powder (5) Swadeshi Cleaning Lotion (6) Swadeshi Liquid Soap.

To those successfully completing the course, certificates are also given. At present GCRD has conducted 73 such Training programmes and more than One Thousand Panchayat Level demonstration cum propaganda campaigns throughout the State of Kerala. More than 12,000 people have already completed the Soap Making Training Courses and about 25000 people have engaged in the production and distribution of Swadeshi Soap Products.

Soap Making Training Course

Items Included:Toilet Soap,Washing Soap,Detergent Powder,Dishwash Powder and Lotion

Duration:3Days,Training Time:9.30 am to 5 pm,Fees:Rs.200,Meals not Provided.