Basic Products
1.Toilet Soap Items:
1)Grass Oil Toilet Soap 2)Ramacham Toilet Soap 3)Herbal Toilet Soap 4)Pappaya Toilet Soap 5)Manjal Toilet Soap
6)Sandal Toilet Soap 7)Swadeshi Classic Toilet Soap
2.Washing Soap
3.Detergent Powder
4.Dish Wash Powder
5.Toilet Cleaning Lotion
6.Liquid Soap Items:
1)Car Wash 2)Hand Wash 3)Floor Wash 4)Dish Wash 5)Closet Wash 6)Cloth Wash
7.Cosmetic Herbal Products:
1)Hair Tone 2)Brahmi Oil 3)Fairness Oil 4)Herbal Shampoo 5)Face Pack
8.Consumer Products:
1)Liquid Blue 2)Stiff & Glow 3)Soft & Glow 4)Candles 5)Agarbathi
9.Umbrella Items
10.Herbal and Ayurvedic Items:
1)Herbal Powder Items 2)Cholestrol Nivarani 3)Jack Fruit Health Tone 4)Jathikka Tone
11.Squash and Syrup Items:
1)Jack Fruit 2)Erumpan Puli(Pulinjikka) 3)Jathikka 4)Lemon Ginger 5)Puthina 6)Naruneendi 7)Passion Fruit 8)Pineapple 9)Lovelolikka 10)Jambakka
12.Jam Items:
1)Jack Fruit 2) Pineapple 3)Tender Coconut 4)Mango,etc.
13.Jelly Items:
1)Jack Fruit 2)Pappaya 3)Perekka(Gua) 4)Water Melon
14.Pickle Items:
1)Mango 2)Lemon 3)Nellikka 4)Jack Fruit 5)Erumpan Puli(Pulinjikka) 6)Jathikka 7)Garlic 8)Lovelolikka 9)Sathavari,etc.
15.Chammanthi Podi Items
16.Sauce Items
17.Coconut Laddu,Chocolate,Peda and Snacks Items
18.Kappa Puttupodi,Chemba Puttupodi,Cholam Puttupodi,Ragi Podi,Avalose podi,etc.
19.Maracheeni Pappdam,Chakka Pappadam,Nadan Aval,etc.
20.Paper Bags and Other Packing Materials
21.Herbal Medicinal Items:
1)Amukkuram Podi 2)Naikkaruna Podi 3)Brahmi Podi 4)Koovapodi 5)Honey

News Flash

56th Swadeshi Festival

Dates: 2 - 24 Aug. 2019
Venue : YMCA Hall,Behind Secretariat,Trivandrum

Aug. 2,3,4
Soap Making

Aug. 5,6
Consumer Products

Aug. 7,8
Paper Bag

Aug. 9,10,11
Food Processing

Aug. 12,13,14
Cake Making

Aug. 15,16
Umbrella Making

Aug. 17,18,19,20
Jackfruit Products

Aug. 21,22
Eco Farming

Aug. 23,24
Curry Masala Powder

Training Material Cost per Course Rs.200
Timing 10 - 5pm
For Details : 94471 54338 & 94959 54338