The Thirteen Days Kochi Swadeshi Festival,the Festival of Home Made Products Training,Exhibition and Seminars ,was inaugurated on 3 Feb.,2012 at Gandhi Bhavan, Kacherippady, Kochi by Dominic Presentation MLA.Prof.V.P.G.Marar(Secretary,Kochi Gandhi Bhavan Committee) presided over the function.Dr.Jacob Pulickan,K.Parameswara Sarma,C.K.Viniraj,S.Asokan,George Thomas and A.A.Gopalakrishnan were the others participated the inaugural function.

Six Home Made Products Training Programmes were conducted along with the Swadeshi Festival.1)Jewel Making 2)Soap Making 3)Consumer Products Making 4)Paper Bag Making 5)Jewel Making - New Patterns and 6)Umbrella Making.


Four Seminars were also organised.

1)Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam

2)Swadeshi and Sustainable Development

3)Annu Uppu,Ennu Soap and

4)Paper Carry Bag : the Alternative to Plastic Carry Bag.


Swadeshi Home Made Products Exhibition was the main attraction of the Kochi Swadeshi Festival.More than 300 products which are not available in any of the shops were displayed. Products which are made out of fruits which are available in plenty,but wasted and are rich in medicinal qualities are the hottest items in demand.Cholestrol Nivarani,Jackfruit Tonic,Jathikka Tonic,Jackfruit Jelly,Jackfruit Jam and other Jackfruit.Jathikka,Erumpan Puli,Ginger,Nauneendi items are in great demand.


Training Participants

1)Jewel Making - 75

2)Soap Making - 40

3)Consumer Prducts Making - 30

4)Paper Bag Making - 32

5)Jewel New Patterns - 40

6)Umbrella Making - 30


Number of Visitors - About  25000


VIP`s Visited/Participated

1)K.C.Joseph(Minister for Rural Development and Culture),2)K.Babu(Minister for Excise) 3)Dominic Presentation MLA 4)Benny Behnan MLA 5)P.T.Thomas MP 6)Tony Chammini(Kochi Mayor) 7)Adv.M.R.Rajendran Nair etc.


Seminar on Swadeshi and Sustainable Development

Seminar on Swadeshi and Sustainable Development was inaugurated by K.Babu(Minister for Excise) on 6 Feb.at Gandhi Bhavan as part of the Kochi Swadeshi Festival.Kochi Corporation Mayor Tony Chammini presided over the function.Dr.Jacob Pulickan,C.K.Viniraj and A.A.Gopalakrishnan participated.
Photo- Minister K.Babu inaugurating Swadeshi Festival Seminar on Swadeshi and Sustainable Development.Dr.Jacob Pulickan,Tony Chammini,C.K.Viniraj and A.A.Gopalakrishnan sitting.

Seminar on Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam

Seminar on Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam was inaugurated by K.C.Joseph (Minister for Rural Development and Culture) on 5 Feb.at Gandhi Bhavan as part of the Kochi Swadeshi Festival.The book releasing ceremony of the book Gandhiji`s Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam written by Dr.Jacob Pulickan was also held.The Minister released the book by presenting the copy to K.Parameswara Sarma,the Secretary of the Poornodaya Book Trust.
photo : Minister K.C.Joseph inaugurating the Seminar on Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam. Dr.Jacob Pulickan,C.K.Viniraj and K.Parameswara Sarma sitting.


Seminar on Annu Uppu,Ennu Soap 9Feb.2012.Gandhi Bhavan,Kochi.

A Seminar on Annu Uppu,Ennu Soap - Swadeshi an Alternative to Globalisation was organised at Gandhi Bhavan,Kochi on 9 Feb. as part of the Kochi Swadeshi Festival.TheSeminar was inaugurated by Benny Behnan MLA and was presided over by S.Asokan, Founder Member,GCRD.Dr.Jacob Pulickan,C.K.Viniraj and A.A.Gopalakrishnan participated. Benny Behnan MLA Inaugurating the Seminar on Annu Uppu,Ennu Soap,C.K.Viniraj, Dr.Jacob Pulickan,S.Asokan and A.A.Gopalakrishnan sitting.
Seminar on Swadeshi and Paper Bag Campaign 11 Feb.2012.Gandhi Bhavan,Kochi.
Seminar on Swadeshi and Paper Bag Campaign was organised on 11 Feb.at Gandhi Bhavan,Kochi as part of the Kochi Swadeshi Festival.The seminar was inaugurated by Dr.K.S.Radhakrishnan,the Kerala Public Service Commission and was presided over by P.T.Thomas MP.


News Flash

55th Swadeshi Festival

Dates: 2 - 24 Nov. 2018
Venue : YMCA Hall, Behind Secretariat, Trivandrum

Nov.   2,3,4
Soap Making

Nov.    5,6
Consumer Products

Nov.    7,8
Paper Bag

Nov.   9,10,11
Food Processing

Nov.  12,13,14
Cake Making

Nov.  15,16
Umbrella Making

Nov.  17,18,19,20
Jackfruit Products Making

Nov.  21,22
Eco Farming

Nov.  23,24
Curry Masala Powder

Training Material Cost per Course Rs.200
Timing 10 - 5pm

For Details : 94471 54338 & 94959 54338