Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam(Malayalam)

Book Release : Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam(Malayalam)
Written by :Dr.Jacob Pulickan
Released by :K.C.Joseph(Minister for Rural Development and Culture)
Published by : Gandhi Centre for Rural Development
Date:5 Feb.2012 at Gandhi Bhavan,Kacherippady,Kochi

Programme : Kochi Swadeshi Festival

The Book Gandhiji`s Hind Swaraj`s Swadeshi Darsanam written by Dr.Jacob Pulickan is a hand book about Mahatma Gandhi`s Hind Swaraj.The book consists of 30 chapters.Its contents may be divided into five. First part focussing on general informations about Hind Swaraj.Second part narrates the Backgrond of Hind Swaraj writing.Third part is an analysis of the Hind Swarj topics.Fourth part is about the contemporary relevance of Hind Swaraj and the Fifth part is about the Future Darsanam of Hind Swaraj.


The style of writing is precise and is in simple language.It may be very useful for students,especially the students of Gandhian Philosophy, Academicians, Politicians, Administrators and Public Workers.

Releasing Photo :Dr.Jacob Pulickan(Director,Gandhi Centre for Rural Development), C.K.Viniraj (Coordinator,Swadeshi Malabar Region), K.C.Joseph(Minister for Rural Development and Culture),K.Parameswara Sarma(Secretary,Poornodaya Book Trust)




52nd Swadeshi Festival(20 Days)
Dates: 1 - 24 April 2017
Venue : YMCA,Behind Secretariat,Trivandrum

April 1,2,3       :  Soap Making
April   4,5        :  Consumer Products
April    6,7       :  Eco Farming
April 8,9,10     :  Cake Making
April  11,12     :  Paper Bag
April 17,18,19 : Jackfruit Products Making 
April 20,21      : Umbrella Making
April 22,23,24 : Food Processing
Training Material Cost per Course Rs.200
Timing 10 - 5pm
For Details:94471 54338 & 94959 54338